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September 6, 2020

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect. Changes in direction sometimes throw us into a state of frustration and uncertainty. I had planned yesterday to quickly mow the church lawn prior to Sunday. I first discovered when I went to put in gasoline that I had none. So I headed for Italy, and in doing so remembered I had forgotten to get a haircut before leaving Corsicana on Friday, so I headed east instead of north. Expecting to walk in and get a quick haircut I was told it would be at least 45 minutes. After the delay, I got home filled the mower with gasoline and the mower wouldn’t start. I tried it a few times until the battery weakened. I pulled the fuel filter and cleaned it out due to it being stopped up. As I attempted to jump the battery on the mower I found that the jumper box was dead as well. After finally getting the mower started I headed to the church. I arrived at the church ready to mow and engaged the deck and…nothing. A wire had been cut beneath the mower that engages the deck. I got back on and headed to the house to make the repair. As I’m about a third of the way finished with wiring repair, I heard what I thought was thunder. I got up from the ground and looked up and rain was headed my way forcing me to hastily do my repair and pull the mower inside having accomplished nothing. Has life ever taken a direction you didn’t expect or want? I’m sure it has. In fact, uncertainty is a certainty, and even though we can make the most detailed of plans with a rigid time frame in which to complete our goal, it can all change without much warning. With that same thought in mind, there are some things that are fixed and cannot be changed no matter how desperately we want them to. Examples may include the certainty of death, taxes, the crookedness of politics, and the love of God the Father. Am I saying God’s love doesn’t change based upon your success at following His law? Yes. Am I saying He loves me the same no matter if I’m right with Him or the vilest of sinners? Yes. Are you saying Pastor Steve that God loves me even when I’m a lost rebel and an enemy of God due to my failure to accept Jesus as Savior? Yes. I realize that can be overwhelming to come to terms with, but the simple revelation that God loves us can melt the most hardened of hearts and create space for the salvation of Christ to occur. When was the last time you told someone about how much the Father loves you? And when was the last time you told them that He loves them just the same? It’s time we begin to come to terms with how the Father loves, and what our response should be. I am certain that if we fail to effectively tell others about God’s love for them they will miss the mark by failing to accept Jesus, and the unexpected will occur and instead of heaven being their destination at the end of life, it will hell instead. He expects you to share His stubborn love for sinners. You do the expected, so He can do the unexpected.

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