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September 20, 2020

I have the ability to do a lot of things. Not many of them are useful enough to talk about in this section, such as wiggling my ears, or rolling my tongue, but a few of my abilities have proven beneficial to me. One such example is an ability to detect things that oftentimes are unseen by others, perhaps a wrench or tool left behind on the road. I’m not sure if this is beneficial to me but I generally see dogs that have been left behind by an owner who didn’t want or need the animal in their life.

Yesterday on my way home from work along Highway 34 between Avalon and Italy I spotted a dog lying in the ditch. I checked to see if it was injured, and it had indeed been hit by a car. April assisted me in getting the dog to the SPCA so it could receive the care it needed to overcome its injuries. In order to get back on her feet she needed help and we wanted to do our part to help her do so.

Many times in life we need a new start, which means leaving some unneeded habits and attitudes behind and beginning anew. But for many others it seems that although they want a new start have little interest in doing what is necessary to gain the benefit of doing so. In truth, if you want a better life you have to take the steps necessary to gaining it.

The details of a life in Christ may not be fully understood by those who accept Him due to their lack of understanding of the commitment they’ve made and how at times may result in feelings of despair and even regret causing them to falter in their growth and development as a disciple. In truth, whether we understand it or not, when we accept Christ as Savior we haven’t only purchased Fire Insurance against hell, we have set our feet on a new path, and in order for it to have its full effect we must commit to doing what is necessary for a new start, and a new life. Have you sold out to Christ? If not, it is time to make a new start. There’s no better time than the present.

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