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September 27, 2020

“Have you heard the news?” This is a phrase we sometimes use as a lead-in to prepare someone for the latest and usually most shocking information that is available. Most people don’t wait for someone to tell them but will instead gain their insight from what the media decides to make available, or through social websites. And sometimes, if not usually, the information is only partially right. I have decided to no longer rely on the media to bring me up to speed on the world’s happenings, but have instead decided to wait until someone tells me what is occurring in the world. I believe that if it’s important enough, someone will tell me.

Singer Anne Murray had a popular song early in her career that was entitled, “A Little Good News” that relayed the thought that it would be nice to pick up the morning paper and find there wasn’t really much to print due to the stoppage of violence, crime, and hate. I like the song, but in truth the absence of bad things occurring in the world is not necessarily good news. The good that is done for Jesus’ sake throughout the world is what I want to hear about rather than the garbage we are fed daily.

What good news do you have to tell the world? Do you adhere to the idea that you simply won’t perpetuate the bad and call that good? We have at our disposal the greatest news that has ever been told in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and how because He lives today, any and all sinners can accept Him as their Savior and be lavished with the love of the Father.

You have something to say to those who make up your contacts each day, and should interject a simple phrase that could change not only their life on earth, but their eternity after death. Take a chance this week by asking someone, “Have You Heard the News?” And then proceed to tell them about how Jesus changed your life, your perspective, and your eternity. It’s news that’s worth telling.

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