August 2, 2020


Do you like to get away from your usual life from time to time? April and I do, and we generally take a trip to a place we’ve visited before, or we may find ourselves in a brand new location. Either way she and I enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company wherever we are.

She and I departed Friday afternoon for an overnight stay in nearby Hico and returned early Saturday. Hico is a community that we enjoy because of its Three C’s. It’s Charm, Close proximity to home, and Chocolate. I personally could drop chocolate from the list and replace it with its Connection to Billy the Kid. If you’re unfamiliar with the connection to Billy, I’ll try to explain. A man named William Roberts lived for a short time in Hico near the end of his life and made the claim that he was indeed the Old West outlaw and had escaped the fate that history had accepted. He was seeking a pardon from the governor of New Mexico that had been promised to Billy almost 70 years prior. But before he could attain the pardon he died of a massive heart attack on 2nd Street in Hico just around the corner from what is now the Billy the Kid Museum as he walked to the Post Office. He is buried in Hamilton.

The Billy connection is not popular among historians for many reasons, but it could be because it challenges what has been accepted as truth. In my opinion, even though the Holy Bible is the greatest seller of all time among books, it is also among the least utilized because it challenges what we often accept as truth. Its contents cause us to accept more appropriate ways of living that ultimately please the Father. It has been said “The Truth Hurts.” Although true, I more readily accept what scripture says regarding truth that states that those who hold to Jesus’ teaching will know the truth and will be set free by that truth.

Do you wish to be free from the burdens that are the devil’s lies? If so, simply accept scripture as truth, applying its principles to your life and get ready to enjoy the pleasure of God’s company as never before, right where you are.




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